Wise Labs
About us

Wise Labs

We are a small tech company of 4 people running entirely remotely. The founder, Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli, is based in Australia but we have staff in Poland, India, Pakistan.

Wise Labs was created in 2010 with a mission in mind: help people better use their time. You can find the original blog post about the company’s mission statement at the time here.

As a company we have a set of beliefs that guide our product making process:

Software as a coach

We believe we can use software to guide our users towards a specific positive behaviour. Our products are opinionated and support a specific methodology rather than allowing everyone to do anything (and nothing).

Long term thinking

To get somewhere, it helps to know where we want to go. It is why the concepts of goals (or objectives) are present in most of our products.

Quality over quantity

We are content as a small team but it means we have limited resources. It is always tempting to spread ourselves too thin and build that next shiny feature.

Although the pressure will always be on us to keep building more and faster, we made the deliberate decision to go slower but better. It means fewer updates, fewer blog posts, but with the intention to deliver them with quality.