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Spatial chat for remote teams

Reconnect with your remote team and bring back unplanned conversations


Feel the presence of your teammates and experience chance meetings again.

Feel their presence

By seeing your teammates move around and talk to each other, you will really feel the life of the office.

Easy breakout conversations

Spatial chat allows you to have a standup meeting and to break out into small conversations after the meeting.

Serendipity is back

As you move in the virtual office, you might cross the path with someone in the hallway and start a casual chat.

Use cases

Standups, happy hours, all-hands meetings


Get your team to join you on Remote Wise for your daily standups.

Happy hours

Celebrate the end of the week with some social and fun video call.

All hands meetings

Get everyone engaged in a fun and innovative new video conferencing tool.

Reconnect with your team