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About us

Weekly task planner

A Software that helps you to accomplish weekly goals.

For OKR champions

Want your team to try OKRs but not sure how to start? We will coach your team through the software.

For team leaders

Re-focus your team on a common goal and see team cohesion, motivation and results go up.

For entrepreneurs

Introduce some structure in the chaos of running a business and make progress faster.

How is this different from any goal tracking tool?

Goal Wise is a OKR coach with a software's skin.

In-app guidance

For example when you create a new objective, you can see examples in your profession.

Easy OKR updates

We made it very easy to update your OKRs so that you can bring our tool in your meetings.

Dedicated meeting tool

Weekly meetings are the key to a successful OKR implementation. We have a dedicated tool to review OKRs each week.

Product shots

Quarterly objectives, weekly meetings, daily tasks

Key features

For clarity, accountability and alignment

Easy to update objectives

Bring our tool to your meetings and ease them to the OKRs process.

High level action plan

Build a high level action plan of the tasks that will help you make progress.

Dedicated meeting tool

Our dedicated meeting tool makes it easy to track progress, tasks and notes each week.

Be the OKR champion your team needs