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Online Meeting Minutes Software

A meeting where everyone participates and stay engaged.

For managers

No more disengaged meetings where half the team is browsing on another tab.

For remote teams

Connect meaningfully with the rest of your team and see how your contribution is valued.

For entrepreneurs

Build cadence in your team and see momentum week in week out.

How is this different from a video conferencing tool?

They take care of the video call, we take care of how the meeting goes.


Let our meeting templates guide how to improve your meetings .


What is being recorded during meetings can easily be accessed after. Tasks assigned to you, meeting notes, etc...


Unlike a traditional meeting, in a remote meeting everyone has access to a computer. Meeting Wise capitalizes this to engage everybody.

Product shots

Meeting templates, weekly meetings, daily tasks

Key features

For engagement, accountability, and alignment

Recurring meetings

Create a meeting agenda once and reuse it every week.

Guest users

Your guests don't need an account to be able to interact with the meeting.

Real time collaboration

See what other people are writing and how they are reacting in real time.


Pull your agenda items from a recommended library of meeting templates.

Meeting Minutes your team will happily use