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MeetingWise Features

Explore all of the unique features and capabilities that MeetingWise has to offer.

Single user mode

You can use Meeting Wise without having to invite anyone else and get value out of the product.

Tasks and notes

Take notes and keep track of tasks that are surfacing during your meetings. All these notes and tasks will appear in the meeting minutes.


Improve your meetings by copying world class meeting agendas. Meeting Wise has templates for OKR meetings, Holacracy, 1:1, all hands meetings, etc...

Meeting minutes

At the end of the meeting, you get access to the meeting minutes that were generated from the tasks and notes. You can them with people who couldn't attend the meeting.

Multi user mode

Meeting Wise shines when you invite your teammates.

In-app video conferencing

Although you can use Meeting Wise alongside any existing video conferencing solution, we offer our own video conferencing solution for convenience.

Collaborative agenda

Any participant can contribute to the agenda of the meeting. If you don't have to go through all topics, postponing the agenda items to the next meeting is just one click away.


You can invite any number of participants to a meeting session. No account is required for them.

Slack integration

Easily publish your meeting minutes to Slack.