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Meeting Minutes Software for Teams and Growing Businesses

Archive meeting minutes and corporate notes. Keep a record of discussions, ideas, and tasks. MeetingWise’s meeting minutes software makes it all possible.

Meeting Minutes Software

Jot down meeting minutes and corporate notes. Keep a record of your meeting discussions, tasks assigned, and follow-ups with MeetingWise’s meeting minutes software.

Archive Meeting Discussions and Ideas on a Granular Level

Meeting Minutes

Things can get out of hand during meetings. While most discussions are intended to impress the bossman, meaningful ideas get lost in the process. MeetingWise’s meeting minutes software enables you to kill the noise and minimize the likelihood of information overload by storing information that’s in harmony with the company’s vision.

Meeting minutes software

Task Feedback

MeetingWise enables you to give suggestions on the tasks while they’re underway. The tool allows you to add notes on the pending tasks that are visible to the assignee. This empowers you to give prompt feedback prior to task completion - facilitating your team to not go astray.

Task feedback

Connect the Absentees

Absence from important meetings is never encouraged. Though, it can’t be helped under certain unforeseen circumstances. MeetingWise helps you keep a record of discussions that took place, tasks assigned, and decisions made during meetings. This helps connect the absentees with the current happenings to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts.

Connect the absentees